St. Anastasia island at Burgas


St. Anastasia Island is located in the Burgas Bay and it is the newest attraction that the city offers. It is a volcanic rock island, 12 meters high, at some places up to 17 meters high, and its area is almost 9 decres. St. Anastasia Island is the only Bulgarian Island which has a church – “Ascension”, which is a part of the monastery, which once existed there.

The church sanctuary existed until 1923 when the monastery was turned into a prison, where 132 communists and farmers were exiled. Today, after the restoration and reconstruction the island  looks like an ethnographic complex. The monastery is open as a museum and a hotel complex. The church of the island (12th-14th c.) is the oldest building. It is worth visiting because of the beautifil frescoes. Another interesting place of the complex  is the Healing Place - a small garden on the roof where you can pick up some herbs yourself, from which your tea to be prepared afterwards in the restaurant of the island.
The island lighthouse was built by a French company in 1889. It was mounted on an iron pole and raised to 40 meters above sea level and in fair weather its light was visible at 10 miles.
The island can be reached by ship departing from the Bridge in the Sea Garden of Bourgas. Departures May-October several times a day- depands on the season and the weather.
Info St. Anastasia Island
Distance from Burgas port: 7 km (about 40 min. journey by ship)
Distance from Nessebar port: 30 km (by car) + 7 km by ship
Duration of the visit excluding the traveling time: 2 hours