The Stone Forest


The Stone Forest is a natural phenomenon that presents numerous limestone pillars hollow or solid cylinders, truncated cones, different bulgings and single rocks and cliffs. 
The spectacular landscape is spotty spread in a North - South orientated belt about 3 km wide and 8 km long. The stones are clustered in seven large groups and several separate small areas.

It is believed that these carbonate - cemented sandstone structures were formed due to microbial methane oxidation around natural gas seepages - so called "bubbling reefs".
The cementation occurred in the subbottom marine sands some 50 million years ago and now are exposed by subsecuent erosion of the surrounding unconsolidated sediments and vertical tectonic movements of the earth crust. For centuries the nature was shaping the stones, to turn them into awful sculptural creation - animals, peoples, monsters, mythical creatures. "The Stone Guardians", "The Camel", "The Throne", "The Stone Forest", "The Big Falos" are the names of some of these natural phenomenon. 
Info Stone Forest
Distance from Varna port: 20 km
Duration of the visit: 40 min.