Balchik Palace and Gardens


The gardens and summer palace of queen Mary  form a very beautiful complex right along the sea with many interesting pavilions, fountains, waterfall and gardens. The complex is known as the Quiet nest.

The Palace is the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria Alexandrina Victoria de Edinburg (1875 – 1938). Queen Maria was brought by her friends to Balchik, and she was fascinated by the landscape and the spirit of the town. She decided to build her own summer residence here, and had a strict requirement for the designers so that the construction of the villa does not harm the natural environment, but rather complements its beauty. The Palace is a designated archeological and constructional monument of culture and a monument of the gardening and landscape art.
The garden is pretty big and you can admire a nice view of the sea enjoying a variety of plants on different levels.  The complex shows amazing historical heritage. After spending one day visiting everything you understand why Queen Mary wanted her heart burried there. 
Info Balcik Palace and Gardens
Distance from Varna port: 45 km
Duration of the visit: 2 hours