Aladzha Monastery


Aladzha Monastery is a cave complex situated in a beautiful green area in the centre of Golden Sands Nature Park. The combination of beautiful scenery, historic and Christian landmarks makes this place perfect for cultural, religious and ecological tourism.

The monastery is dated back to the 10th-12th c. and it is one of the few cave monasteries in Bulgaria where the different premises and their functions are clearly distinguishable. The monastery church, the monastery cells, the refectory, the kitchen, the small cemetery church, the crypt (ossuary), and the farm premises are all situated on the first level. The second level is a natural rock recess in the eastern part of which lies the monastery chapel.
A group of caves known as the Catacombs is located in the area of the monastery. The archaeological finds such as pottery, coins, graffiti prove that the Catacombs were inhabited by people during the 5th – 6th c.
Info Aladzha Monastery
Distance from Varna port: 20 km
Duration of the visit: about 40 min.