Varna- The Archaeological Museum and the World's Oldest Gold


The museum in Varna is not an ordinary one - the highlight here is the oldest gold found in the world!
The most important monument excavated from the Middle Eneolithic Era is the world-famous Eneolithic Necropolis – Varna, exhibited in three separate museum exposition halls.  The studies completed until now have discovered 294 tombs. In 57 tombs there is no human skeleton and only three contain the largest part of gold objects and the best other findings. Specific feature of these tombs are the warders or scepters – symbols of high rank state or spiritual power. Three tombs contain 3D human face made of clay and on specific places on the face – front, eyes, mouth, ears – are placed as applications gold objects.
Only gold objects are more than 3 000 and weight in total well over 6 kg, with stunning variety – over 38 various types and it is proven that this is the oldest gold found in the world.
Info Varna Archaeological Museum
Distance from Varna port: 1 200 m
Duration of the visit: about 40 min.