The Seven Rila Lakes


We offer you an exciting excursion to the Seven Rila Lakes! The grand Rila Mountain with its magical lakes will charge us with energy and strength!
Two-day excursion from Sunny Beach and Bourgas.
Price: from 170 BGN Leva

Minimum group size: 12 persons
Small groups possible!
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6:00 departure from Sunny Beach 7:00 departure from Bourgas.
Arrival early afternoon in Panichishte resort and lodging in the hotel. Walk to the Skakavishki waterfall. We reach the locality Zeleni preslap by bus, then through the wood we reach chalet Skakavitsa and the waterfall Rilska Skakavitsa (1 hour and 30 minutesin one direction). The waterfall Rilska Skakavitsa is the highest waterfall in mountain Rila and one of the most beautiful in Bulgaria. It is located in northwest Rila, at Skakavitsa river and falls within the territory of the National Park Rila. It is located 1,750 meters above the sea level  at the foot of Kabul peak (2531m.) Skakavishki waterfall has high-waters in the summer also, when it draws its waters from the Skakavitsa Lake and its streams on the eastern slopes of peak Kabul. At winter it totally freezes which gives opportunity for ice climbing contests.
Night in a hotel in Panichishte. The hotel has a restaurant and those who want can order a dinner.
7:30 breakfast
8:00 setting  out to the lift station by bus. 8:30 ascending by a chair lift to the Rilski ezera chalet (20 min). Around 9:30-10:00 we begin climbing to the lakes. A passage follows (for about 1.5 hours, with a steep initial terrain 30 min) to the Kidney Lake. On the way a wonderful vista of the seven Rila Lakes is revealed. Depending on their physical condition some of the tourists remain by the Kidney Lake for rest. The rest climb to the Lake peak (1 hour) from where all seven lakes are seen.
The Seven Rila Lakes are without a doubt one of the most notable natural attractions on the Balkan Peninsula, a dream destination not to be missed. Their beauty touches the thousands of Bulgarian and international visitors who visit them.
The Seven Rila Lakes, located in the Dangskiya region of the northwestern Rila Mountains, are glacial lakes. They are scattered at the foot of a massive cirque that includes the peaks Suhi Chal (Dry Peak), Otovishki, and Haramiya. The lakes have been named for their shapes and qualities. The highest of them is Tear Lake, which gained its name for its crystal-clear water. It is 2,535 meters high, directly beneath the Otovishki Peak. Next is Eye Lake, the deepest of the seven at 37.5 meters. It is oval and
An intense blue when the weather is good. Divers have explored this lake to gain further information about it. Somewhat lower than Eye Lake is Kidney Lake, named for its kidney shape, which has a surface area of 85 hectares and steep rocky banks. Next comes the Twins. Wide at both ends and narrow in the middle the lake resembles an hourglass. During dry years, the lake becomes two smaller lakes, and this is the source of its name. Farther down the trail are Three-leafed Lake and Fish Lake. The Seven Lakes Shelter is on the banks of Fish Lake. The lowest lake is appropriately called Lower Lake, which feeds the Dzherman River. The lakes are all connected by narrow streams.
Around 17:00 we get down by the chair lift to Panichishte and set out back to Bourgas. We arrive in Bourgas/ Sunny Beach late in the evening.

The price includes:
transportation, night in hotel *** in double room at Panichishte resort, breakfast, guide and mountain guide
The price does not include:
- - personal expenses
Additional charge for single room – 15 BGN leva
Chair lift ticket both directions - 20 Leva

Additional explanations:
It is compulsory for the tourists to walk as a group and conform to the pace set by the guide.
In fog, impassable, slippery, steep, flooded sections of the trekking routes, bad weather or other inopportune weather conditions, the guide has the right to change the program by a sole decision in view of the security of the tourists. The passage is accessible to tourists who do not have health issues relatedto feet, heart or other diseases. 
!!! Make sure you take comfortable trekking shoes that have good cohesion (sandals, high heels etc. are not suitable for that kind of passages), walking sticks, warm clothes, including hats and gloves, raincoats.
!!! Bring dry food and water.

Do not forget that the good preparation is a prerequisite for having a good time! The tour operator reserves the right to change the sequence of the program.
Persons above 69 years of age do not get insurance.
Price: 170 BGN leva (12+ persons)

Small groups:
4 - 6 persons: 250 Leva per person
7 - 11 persons: 220 Leva per person