Beautiful Nature
Beautiful Nature

Beautiful mountains, lovely green forests, long sandy beaches, many lakes and well distinguished four seasons to enjoy- this all you can find in Bulgaria!

The relief of the country is extremely varied: large plains and lowlands, low and high mountains, valleys and lovely gorges.
The most famous mountains in Bulgaria are Rila, Pirin, the Rodophean Mountains and Stara Planina Mountain Range.
Bulgarian relief is also famous with the Rose Valley, where the best red roses grow and where the "Queen of the Roses" Fest takes place.
The Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria - The 380 kilometres of beaches are amongst some of Europe's cleanest and safest. Many of them have been awarded prestigious “Blue Flag” status. The region enjoys average summer temperatures of between 25-30 degrees. The season extends from April to October.
About 30% of the country are mountains. The country’s mountains are exceptionally diverse in relief and offer abundant options for relaxation, along with sports and entertainment for tourists, since conditions are exceptionally conducive for tourism in both winter and summer. The ski season in the medium high and the alpine resorts last about 130 days each year, while during the summer months enthusiasts may hike in centuries-old forests.
Few countries in Europe can rival Bulgaria’s spa, balneological and wellness tourism, with its abundance and diversity of thermal mineral waters and curative mud deposits. There are more than 550 known sources with 1,600 springs. 
The whole teritory of Bulgaria is sutiated in the moderate climatic zone. The country can be divided into two zones. The Stara Planina Mountain is considered the watershed between them. The weather is colder in Northern Bulgaria and much milder in the Southern part of the country. A Mediterranean influence is felt in the country's southern regions.
The average annual temperature is 10.5°C.
The average January temperature is around O°C.
Average summer temperatures rarely exceed 30°C.